Pacific Audio Consulting works within the audio supply chain, connecting US brands to technology suppliers (materials, components, test systems) and Asian manufacturers.



We have worked with well known brands, such as Microsoft (Lync headsets, XBox headsets, webcam audio), Cisco (VoiP phone transducers), Monster Cable (speakers and headphones) as well as many other lower profile firms.



Pacific Audio Consulting has helped bring new materials to Asian factories looking to better support the brands they build for.  For example, we have worked with DuPont (new grades of Kapton) and Ferrofluidics (now FerroTec). We have worked with film vendors entering the speaker diaphragm business. We have worked with Audyssey Labs, whose signal processing improves the subjective sound of home theater systems.



Pacific Audio Consulting has followed the business as it moves around the world, currently in China, and we have relationships with owners and key staff in many audio factories building everything from mics to speakers and larger systems.


Industrial Design

We have worked with Ammunition Group, frog design, IDEO Design and many others, as well as in-house designers at many firms.