Pacific Audio Consulting has been fortunate to have worked on many projects over the years, with talented partners.
  Lync Headphones (Microsoft Hardware)
  System engineer for Microsoft’s first USB Lync (Office Communicator) business headsets, LX-4000 (mono) and LX-6000 (stereo).  Test and measurement engineering during development, troubleshooting and production.  Managed project between Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers.
  Gaming Headset – Microsoft XBox
  Basic mono gaming headset for use with Microsoft Xbox.  Worked as consultant through all phaes of project, from design through pre-production troubleshooting, R&D and production test, and bringing up production line.  Now in its third iteration, in production for over 10 years.  Estimate over 20 million shipped.
  XBox Kinect
  Troubleshooting noise and vibration issues in first prototypes of Kinect (Project Natal).  Measurements, diagnostics and design revisions to improve product before first mass production run.  Test, troubleshoot, and modify production acoustic test chambers.  More than 24 million have shipped.
   Xbox Kinect
  Microsoft Hardware – Webcams
  Design input, audio test and measurement at R&D, prototype and production stage, setting up audio test fixtures and test boxes.  LifeCam Cinema (left), LifeCam Studio (right).  Worked on design and test of several additional webcams.  Test, troubleshoot and rebuild on-site acoustic test boxes leading local team.
   Microsoft Lifecam Cinema      Microsoft_Lifecam Studio_Webcam
  Beats Electronics/Monster Cable - Beats by Dre
  Worked with industrial design firm and between the brand and factory engineers in Asia.  Iteratively revised transducer and tuned headphone to subjectively meet client criteria for Beat’s first headphone.  Industrial design by Pentagram/Ammunition Group.  Millions shipped.
  Microsoft Hardware – Basic headset
  Wrote acoustic spec, design verification engineer, manufacturing measurement engineer for LX-1000 analog headset.
  Cisco – First VoIP business phone, Model 7960 “Telecaster”
  Pacific Audio Consulting worked with industrial design firm IDEO, providing telephony engineering, measurements and transducer selection for first Cisco VoIP phone.  More than 30 million shipped.
  Adyssey Mic
  First microphone for Audyssey room equalization systems, included with many consumer receivers for their AutoEQ and other signal processing algorithms which require in-room measurements.  Set up production  line test fixtures.  Millions shipped.
  SONY DSC             audyssey_mic_3